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Investigation case summary – Calvert Communications

Monday 10th June 2019

Organisation or person investigated 

Calvert Communications Ltd

Matter(s) investigated

Possible unregistered consultant lobbying by Calvert Communications Ltd.

Registrar’s decision

Calvert Communications Ltd did not meet statutory criteria for consultant lobbying.

Summary of rationale for decision

Explicit confirmation from Calvert Communications that their communications on behalf of paying clients were only with local government. Accordingly, Calvert Communications Ltd did not meet a key criterion in the statutory definition of consultant lobbying, i.e. communications with UK Government Ministers or Permanent Secretaries (or equivalent).


1 October 2018 

Indicative general evidence of possible unregistered consultant lobbying activity by Calvert Communications received from third party (anonymity requested).

11 October 2018 

Email to whistleblower from ORCL seeking any further evidence of specific activities of potential statutory breach

29 October 2018 

Letter from Registrar to Calvert Communications. Explained remit of Registrar, referred to published guidance on consultant lobbying, and indicative evidence received, and asked for a response.

20 November 2018 

Substantive response from Calvert Communications, explicitly stating they have no access to UK Government Ministers.

Late November 2018 

Consideration of papers and evidence by Registrar.