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Summary of Investigation – Underwoods Solicitors and Law Abroad Limited (Underwoods)

Friday 2nd July 2021

Organisation or Person Investigated

Underwoods Solicitors and Law Abroad Limited (‘Underwoods’)

Matter(s) Investigated

Whether Underwoods acted as a consultant lobbyist, including, but
not limited to, the employment of a Parliamentary Liaison Officer

Registrar’s Decision

Based on information provided by Underwoods their activities do not
fall within the criteria requiring registration on the Register of Consultant Lobbyists.

Summary of Rationale for Decision

This decision is based on comprehensive assurances
from Underwoods that at no time has Underwoods Solicitors or Law Abroad Limited
communicated personally with Government Ministers or Permanent Secretaries, or
equivalents, on behalf of a third party for payment.


Date Action
27 May 2021Registrar sends formal letter to Underwoods giving information on
the Act and asking whether they have made any registerable
communications, with particular reference to the role of
Parliamentary Liaison Officer.
4 June 2021Email to ORCL from Underwoods giving comprehensive
assurance that no registrable communications have been made,
and nor are they intended to be made.
7 June 2021Email from ORCL giving Registrar’s final decision.

2 July 2021

Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists