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Newsletter – May 2018

Thursday 24th May 2018

Register update

There are currently 131 registrants on the Register-nine organisations have left the Register since the start of this calendar year for various reasons, and four have joined it.

Seven registrants submitted a nil return for the January to March period-the Registrar continues to keep multiple nil returns under constant review and regularly meets organisations who persistently file nil returns. The key issue for consideration is whether those organisations are likely to conduct relevant communications within the foreseeable future-the onus is on those organisations to convince the Registrar that this is the case.

The Registrar continues to conduct investigations to satisfy herself that all those organisations which should be on the Register, are indeed on it. Any information from registrants and stakeholders which inform those investigations is always welcomed, and acted upon.

General Data Protection Regulation-implications for the Office

I am today issuing a minimal update to my information retention and publication guidance which may be found here.

As Registrar, I collect only that information relevant to my statutory duties and publish the information set out in the Act. I retain information in the manner set out in my policy. I do not use information which I hold for any purpose other than those consistent with my statutory duties.

I have appointed a Data Protection Officer, and have undertaken to support him in the independent exercise of his statutory tasks.

During the course of this year, I am planning a technical refresh of the Register which will enable me to remove past data and provide snapshots of past information in the manner set out in my policy. This has some technical complexity, but it is part of my plan for the year ahead.

Business Plan 2018-19

I published my annual business plan on 10 May 2018 which sets out my plan for the next financial year. I anticipate year of business as usual, which includes education, communications and answering registrants’ questions; refreshing guidance; further modest investment in the technical development of the Register and website and using enforcement as a last resort. My business plan may be accessed here.