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Summary of investigation – Longevity International

Thursday 24th May 2018

Summary of investigation

August to November 2020

Organisation or person investigated

Longevity International (UK)​

Matter(s) investigated

Whether Longevity International (UK)’s activities, relating to the​ Longevity APPG, are such that they should be entered on the Register of Consultant Lobbyists. 

Registrar’s decision

Based on Longevity International (UK)’s assurances and no evidence​ to the contrary, Longevity International (UK) is not involved in consultant lobbying.

Summary of rationale for decision

Longevity International (UK) provides secretariat​ support, including organisation of events and publications. Longevity International (UK) has provided assurance that it never communicates with a Minister of the Crown or permanent secretary on behalf of the Longevity APPG or any of its members.


6 August 2020ORCL receives email from a third party that Longevity International (UK) appears to be in violation of rules on consultant lobbying.
7 August 2020Initial formal letter of enquiry from Registrar emailed to Longevity International (UK), outlining statutory requirements in relation to Register of Consultant Lobbyists and seeking their views on​ whether their activities as Longevity APPG secretariat amount to consultant lobbying that requires registration. 
3 September 2020Information Notice, from the Registrar, emailed and sent by hard copy  to Longevity International following no response to the letter.
4 September 2020Hard copy of letter returned by Royal Mail  ‘addressee gone away’.
5 November 2020ORCL emails further addresses, connected to Longevity, regarding the breach of legislation through failure to respond. 
6 November 2020Longevity International (UK) emails stating that previous communications were not received and confirming that any​ communication with Ministers or Permanent Secretaries always comes from the Longevity APPG Chair.
9 November 2020(UK) never makes any form of communication to Ministers or Permanent Secretaries on behalf of the APPG or any of its members; and to clarify the nature of the services Longevity International (UK) provides to the APPG.
10 November 2020Longevity International (UK) emails confirmation that it never​ makes any form of communication to Ministers or Permanent Secretaries on behalf of the APPG or any of its members; and that it is a support provider to the APPG managing the secretariat function, including the organisation of events and publications.