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Summary of Investigation – Big Innovation Centre

Monday 23rd October 2023

May to October 2023

Organisation or person investigated

Big Innovation Centre (“BIC”)

Matter(s) investigated

Whether BIC conducted unregistered consultant lobbying

Registrar’s decision

Based on assurances received, BIC has not conducted unregistered consultant lobbying activity.

Summary of rationale for decision

Based on substantive and unequivocal written information from BIC, no registerable communications have taken place. Where BIC provides secretariat services for All-Party Parliamentary Groups (“APPGs”), all communications with ministers are undertaken by APPG parliamentary officers. 

Under the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union administration Act (2014), a registrable communication is made by a VAT registered company or individual communicating with a Minister, Permanent Secretary (or equivalent) on behalf of a paying client. BIC provided assurance that no such communication has taken place.


9 MayArticle in The Guardian regarding an event hosted by the APPG on Blockchain.
19 MayLetter from the Registrar giving background on the requirement for registering and requesting information regarding BIC’s client communications.
8 JuneRe-sent letter of 19 May, following no response.
20 JuneRegistrar letter to the APPG on Blockchain’s former Vice Chair regarding no response from BIC.
21 JuneEmail from the former Vice Chair to BIC, copied to the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists, asking them to respond.
18 JulyRe-sent letter of 19 May, following no response.
18 JulyInitial response from BIC saying a proper response would come in the next few days.
10 AugustFormal investigation letter from the Registrar giving background on the requirement for registering and asking if BIC’s activities fall within the criteria to be registered with particular reference to, but not limited to, any communications made on behalf of APPGs.
5 SeptRegistrar issues a formal Information Notice, following no response.
26 SeptEmail response from BIC.
3 OctLetter from Registrar with a follow up question.
3 OctEmail response from BIC.
6 OctEmail from Office with a follow up question regarding ministerial contact by an APPG.
9 OctEmail response from BIC.
23 OctLetter from Registrar concluding his investigation.

23 October 2023

Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists